Your relocation needs are unique,
which is why a RSS move manager is assigned to work with you to plan and coordinate your move at every step.

Household Transitions are also Life Transitions

A household transition can be many things: getting ready for a move to a smaller home in the future, actually making the move now, downsizing and preparing your home for sale, or reorganization of your current home for more efficient and comfortable living.

Helpful Downsizing Tips

  • Chart your plan, on a "sorting and downsizing calendar". Schedule a starting time even if it is a month from now. Remember to schedule days off for time with family and friends, doing things you enjoy.

  • Set mini goal, take only one room at a time and divide your projects for that room in small pieces, move one step at a time on each before moving on to the next. With these goals, one room at a time, it is easier to chart your progress.

  • Create a floor plan, of your new home and begin to think about where you will place furniture. Make an inventory list of furniture in each room; note each piece MOVE (M) SELL (S) GIVEAWAY (G) Use color stickers on furniture, lamps large pieces of art and knick knacks. MOVE (GREEN) SELL (YELLOW) GIVEAWAY (RED) FOR FAMILY (BLUE).

  • Reduce "Knick Knack Clutter", take a good look at the things in your house that are in sight; if you do not like it anymore or you have no use for it, give it away, sell it, or toss it. Designate an area in each room for 3 boxes and a trash bag. Family Box; Sell Box; Charity box and The Trash.

  • Banish General Clutter, feeling like your stuff is in control of you? It is not; it's the other way around! While watching TV in your favorite chair each evening take a drawer with you and a Big trash bag. If you haven't looked at it, touched it, used it for ages or you have no clue what that "thingamajig" is....TOSS IT.

  • Down size your closet, discard or recycle anything that is old, out of style, doesn't fit or hasn't been out of the dry cleaning bag since you brought it home it from the cleaners a year ago. It is OK to have a "Maybes" pile - but if after one month you still have not worn it. Give it away.

  • Update your bathroom, spend an extra half hour in the bathroom each morning to go through the stuff in your bathroom cabinets, throw out everything that has passed the expiration date. You can get rid of those empty prescription med bottles now, the half empty bottles of stuff.

  • Take time to reminisce, gather all of the family photos and memorabilia into special boxes of their own. On your scheduled days off, enjoy sharing special memories with family and friends. Share the history of "Family Heirlooms", have a family member or friend record it on a small card and attach it to the piece. Cherished family memories move on from generation to generation.