Your relocation needs are unique,
which is why a RSS move manager is assigned to work with you to plan and coordinate your move at every step.

What our clients have to say...

Senior Relocations

Mr. and Mrs. R made the decision to move into an active adult retirement community, but they were very busy, organizing their retirement from their family-owned accounting firm. They were unable to extend much time or effort with the details of moving. Often exhausted from the grind of the day or simply left with few hours away from work, they realized they needed someone to help. Their RSS senior move manager Tracey spent time with Mr. & Mrs. R whenever it was convenient for them, organizing, planning, and downsizing unneeded or unwanted belongings, often late into the evening. When Mr. and Mrs. R decided they wanted to purchase new living room furniture for this next stage of their lives, Tracey was more than happy to take measurements of the space in their new home, shop for the sofa, and wait for the delivery truck.

When moving day finally came, Mr. and Mrs. R went to work like any other day. Meanwhile, Tracey and her crew spent the same day supervising the moving company, and unpacking the couple’s belongings at their new home. After a hard day’s work, Mr. and Mrs. R arrived at their new address worry-free, delighted to find their home without clutter; boxes unpacked, furniture in place, and everything put away in its properly designated area. And it was all done while they were away! The couple had nothing left to do that day except kick off their shoes, sit at the table, and enjoy a tasty beverage. Tracey and the devoted RSS support crew had waiting for them. Mr. & Mrs. R are now fully retired and enjoying their new life style.

“You have taken all of my trauma away; I can’t wait now to start our new adventure, looking forward to our new life in this wonderful retirement community!”

Home downsizing

Mr. and Mrs. J lived in a nice quiet golf course retirement community. As they grew older, the couple found the upkeep of a large house, such as yard work and the overall cleaning, became quite difficult, so they began to look for a condominium in a smaller independent living Senior Community. When they found just the right one, they called RSS and spoke with Jessica a senior move manager about their desire to lessen their space and worries.

Jessica and her staff provided Mr. and Mrs. J with a worry-free move to their new condominium, planning out their new living area, downsizing extraneous items accordingly and organized their entire move; packing, unpacking and getting them resettled in their new home. A few years later, Mr. J developed Parkinson’s disease and the couple needed to move again, this time to an assisted living community out of state near their children in the New England area. Again, Jessica and her staff did everything they could to ensure a smooth transition to their new residence. Jessica even contacted a senior move manager she knew, through the NASMM network, in the New England area that could help with their unpacking and resettlement. Leaving for their journey north, Mr. and Mrs. J and their children had nothing to do except sit back and relax, knowing RSS had taken care of their moving concerns and soon their children would be close to help with their care.

“ Thank you all so much for everything you did on behalf of our Mom and Dad. You have made going above and beyond an integral part of your service-WOW! You exceeded expectations and for your kindness and TLC for our parents my sister and I will be forever grateful.”

“I really enjoyed your company and all your help moving Mom and Dad back home- it has been easier at this end, all the sorting and downsizing really helped! All the things we unpacked here were perfect, you did a great job.”

Disabled Residents

Mr. and Mrs. U were anticipating moving in the near future, but were uncertain of how to go about it. The couple was overwhelmed with the whole process. Both Mr. & Mrs. U were faced with age related disabilities and knew they needed help. Debbie RSS senior move manager explained the many ways in which RSS could be of service and explained that their move plan could be done in two phases.

During the first phase, before their home was even sold, Debbie talked with Mr. and Mrs. U to get an understanding of the general space they would move into in the future. The couple wanted a smaller home in a more protective environment. RSS helped them organize and downsize unneeded or unwanted items. From these excessive items, the sale of antique furniture was arranged, mementos were shipped to their children, a garage sale was organized, and items were given to charity. The years of accumulation were downsized and the couple was now ready to move.

The second phase, when their home sold, was now much easier. Mr. and Mrs. U prepared to move and then moved in two smart and simple phases with the help RSS and their senior move manager.

“Thank you for making the impossible possible, we could not have done it without you!” Mr. & Mrs. U

“We couldn't have had a better move for Mom and Dad without you and your crew. Saved me more gray hairs! Thanks again.”

Intra-Community Moves

Mr. O lived in a small independent living apartment within a Senior Care Community. Mr. O developed a heart problem and the Sr. Community nursing staff felt he would need more specialized care for his affliction. Mr. O was fond of the senior community where he resided and the community contained these areas of more specialized care. So the decision for Mr. O was simple. He merely wanted to transfer from one area of the complex to the other.

The senior community staff contacted RSS, who had helped other residents move in or transfer to other levels of care with in the community. A RSS senior move manager was most accommodating in assisting Mr. O with this short distance move. Because the complex was set up similarly throughout, little downsizing or planning was required. The RSS staff was easily able to transfer Mr. O and his most treasured belongings from one part of the complex to the other while he conversed with friends in the lobby, ate his lunch, and even rested. With the help of RSS, Mr. O’s new apartment was all set-up and ready for him, he could continue to enjoy his familiar surroundings and receive the assistance necessary for his declining health.

“RSS senior move managers are always professional, even with the most difficult client situations, their clients are always happy when the move is complete. The RSS staff is always willing to help us out whenever we call. Relocation Support for Seniors is a wonderful asset to the Florida Senior Community.”
Marketing Director of Florida Senior Community

Estate Closeouts

The trust department of a national bank chain was handling the estate of Ms. Z. who’s only living relative was a niece in Cleveland. Ms. Z’s belongings were in a storage area in Florida. The trust officer needed help delegating and delivering Ms. Z’s belongings to her niece to complete the closure of the estate. RSS was there to assist.

Debbie the RSS senior move manager, working as liaison with the trust department and the niece, reviewed the inventory of the storage unit and contacted the niece to decipher what items she wished to have. With this organized list the RSS staff went to work separating, identifying, and repackaging the items that would be transferred to Cleveland, a mover was hired and the items were shipped. RSS made the arrangements for remaining items to be sold or given to charity. With the help of RSS, the trust department completed the estate closeout and Ms. Z’s niece received her Aunt's most treasured belongings.

“Could not have done it without you! Thanks so much.” Bank Trust Officer

RSS received a call from a local attorney. Ms. Y, was no longer able to care for herself and was in the process of being moved from an independent living community to a more skilled care environment. Ms. Y was unable to make decisions, and family members living out of state were unable to help. The attorney engaged the services of Mary Ellen, a RSS senior move manager.

A visit to Mrs. Y in the nursing home allowed Mary Ellen to obtain an impression of the layout in the new living space, and helped with decisions on what Ms Y would want with her in her new home. Mary Ellen and her staff then returned to Ms. Y’s previous living situation and separated her belongings into the following categories: keepsakes and special items to go with Ms. Y the nursing home, items of importance or value to be inventoried and put into storage for family members and items to be given to charity. The significance for Ms. Y was always top priority, but through organizing her superfluous items as well, the process helped not only Ms. Y and her attorney, but it also helped assist her relatives at a point in the future.

“It is always a pleasure to work with your staff and such a professionally run organization. Thanks again for all you assistance.” Local Atty.

"Thanks to all your helpers for the special care of our belongings. We are happily adjusting our new home thanks to all your help"

Mr. & Mrs. G

"On a scale from 1 to 10, to me you are a solid 10."

Mrs. A.

"Mom says she had 'no idea' she would be sick in the hospital and have no part in the move at all. You did everything she needed and wanted you to do, perfectly! Thanks"

Karen and Vicki daughters of Meg J.

"After suffering a fall , these gals went right on without me and helped the movers to place things in all the correct spots."

Jan E.

"As a naval officer I moved more than 20 times, and never was a move this well organized. Everything was done exactly as promised. Thanks"

Hank C

" We experienced a very relaxed move the best move I have ever experienced in all the years I have moved since 1964 - and that's a lot of moving - you're so good there's nothing we can add to make it better-just keep up the good work!"

Marilyn & Al

When we walked into our wonderful new home everything was in place, the Martini's were set out and we felt like we were on our honeymoon again.