Your relocation needs are unique,
which is why a RSS move manager is assigned to work with you to plan and coordinate your move at every step.

Clients can choose from a menu of services based on their need, but our strength and focus is providing a complete solution, encompassing every phase of the household transition. Each move may, at each client's discretion, involve our complete menu of services, or only part of the services RSS has to offer.

Pre-Move Planning

  • We help with the assessment of the new residence and the creation of a floor plan, which helps guide our clients through the downsizing process.
  • We create a "Move Information Notebook", which holds all the important details of the move. Clients always know what is scheduled in advance. We prepare a downsizing/packing and moving day calendar, arranging dates for the move plan to accommodate our client's needs and schedule.
  • We assist with the time consuming task of making address changes, transferring utilities and forwarding subscriptions.
  • We serve as liaison with family and the new senior community staff.

Home Preparation/Getting Ready for a Household Transition

  • We offer emotional and practical support with downsizing decisions.
  • We prepare an inventory list of the furniture in each room, tagging each piece: KEEP, GIVE TO FAMILY, SELL, and DONATE TO CHARITY.
  • We assist you in taking a look at everything, one room at a time and begin the downsizing process. Making a fresh start means casting off belongings that you no longer need. This process is tremendously freeing!
  • We organize kitchen cabinets, closets, attics, garages and all the nooks and crannies where unneeded things have accumulated over the years.
  • We provide preferred referrals through our "RSS Certified Quality" program, giving our clients access to an expanded range of services including: appraisals, estate sales, household repair or modification and housecleaning.

Disbursement of Unwanted Household Items

  • We assist with the arrangements for the sale of unwanted items.
  • We inventory and/or pack all items for disbursement to family and make all of the arrangements for the shipment of items to family members across the country.
  • We make arrangements for temporary storage for future disbursement.
  • We arrange for all charity pick-ups and/or deliver items to charities of our client's choice.

Coordinating and Facilitating the Move

  • We pack only the things that are going to the new home and organize each box, giving thought to how it will be unpacked or stored.
  • We arrange moving dates and times with a "RSS Certified Quality" moving company. We are there on moving day all day, supervising and directing the movers as they place the things according to the new home floor plan.
  • We unpack and set up the new home according to out clients' wishes; arranging a living environment that matches the current home or providing a new layout that gives a fresh new start; hang pictures make the beds, arrange the kitchen, organize closets and more. We break down boxes and remove all packing materials.